Welcome to the project page of the fgPrinters extension. I started this extension to adjust the printing layout of Mozilla Calendar to my needs. This started by adjusting the start and end of the monthly grid so that not unnecessary months are printed. Later, I changed a little more - making most of the things configurable. So you now can reduce the amount of colour needed in the printout by only drawing a frame around the events, not printing the whole background in colour.

I also made most of the text sizes configurable, as are the colours of headlines and days off. You can also choose to print some more details (description of the events). I then added some new printing layouts - TimeSheet tries to resemble the screen layout, Year View prints all-year sheets (without events).

Many thanks to all users of the extension - without their suggestions and questions, many features would never have been implemented. Many thanks also to all the translators, who did a great job localising fgPrinters.


The fgprinters project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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